ArroweSound Support this year’s “Race for Life”

Written by on 21/05/2023

Now you probably think all a radio presenter does is play music, but actually, we do much more than that! We serve the community as well, and Jen and I were very privileged to be able to do this recently by hosting the Race for Life locally, at Birkenhead Park.

This is an annual event run by Cancer Research UK, all over the country, to raise money to help fund their research projects. As Jen and I are by no means shrinking violets, we were delighted to accept the invitation. We had never worked together before, but somehow, we just knew it would work!

So, on a rather dull Sunday morning in May, we turned up at an ungodly hour at Birkenhead Park to be put through our paces, before the event began. There were to be 7 races in total, including
10 km, 5 km and 3 km plus 2 Pretty Muddy races for adults and children, so we would be making a day of it in our brand new Arrowe Sound polo shirts that we specially had printed with our names on the back – nobody would forget them then!

Jen and I had no previous experience of anything like this, but we were prepared to give it a go! The people we worked with were lovely and highly dedicated as they had been setting up the course
from 4.30am that morning! They were not to be thwarted either by the fact that 2 of the 3 generators we needed for the event had mysteriously disappeared overnight! Perhaps not that much of a surprise to some people ….

Anyway, Jen and I delivered our script with aplomb and plenty of ad-libbing. Woe betide ME though if it looked as though I would forget to introduce us, as Jen would give me a withering look to remind me, mainly because she was adamant we needed to be introduced from the word go!

The event of course had a serious message which was that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime, meaning that it is really important to raise money for organisations like Cancer Research UK. The organisation is of course at the forefront of medical research, helping people live longer and healthier lives. Everyone there had a personal reason for taking part; maybe it was for a parent, a brother or sister, friends, their children or even themselves. The event was of course meant to be fun as well, and Jen and I threw ourselves into the warmup routine with the gym guys, much to the amusement of the organisers and to the disappointment of Jen.

If you asked us what our greatest challenge on the day was, we would both say, without hesitation, getting the timing right on the countdown to the klaxon going off, all to The Greatest Showman track it was quite a challenge, but Jen nailed it– eventually!

Anyway, we must have got SOMETHING right, as we have been asked to host both the Aintree and Haydock Park events .. which we were delighted to accept, even if we have to be awake at the crack of dawn again ! So you see, a radio presenter’s life is by no means dull!

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