Shay Haque

What Is Your Show Called Shay’s Brunch Show

What Day is your Show on? Mondays and Wednesdays

What Time is your show? 10:00am

Tell us a bit more about you!
I love radio and music and have done since I was a child .
I’ve got a good few years of broadcasting experience both home and abroad and am also a compere and entertainer
By day I’m a freelance chef going all around the north west

How did you get involved with Arrowe Sound?
Being in the community radio station world I’ve been working on another station and heard about Arrowe Sound through that

What do you get up to when you’re not on air?
Just enjoying not working and doing fun things

What can we expect from your show?
Loads of banter a question of the day some new and exciting features and some banging tunes to keep you upbeat for the whole day.#startyourdaywithshay

Tell us something interesting we might not know about you
I’m a chef

Current track