Arrowe Sound hits the Eurovision!

Written by on 05/06/2023

As hospital radio presenters, Heather Smith and I  had the wonderful opportunity of being able to attend Eurovision village with a media pass, which gave us permission to be in the ‘stage pit’ area and have back stage access.

The date we chose was very exciting to me as Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters fame was performing as the headline act for the afternoon and I was  hoping to see him perform some of the classics from his Scissor Sisters days.

As we arrived, I wanted to have a look around to see what Eurovision Village had to offer. There was the expected food and drink vendors that had prices to make your eyes water – one drink was enough for us!

The first act we had the privilege of watching was the Australian Eurovision offering ‘Voyager’, who on their own admission didn’t qualify the year before but luckily did this year and the audience cheered with delight.

Their energy during the performance can only be described as electric, I can’t deny it wasn’t my kind of music but even I was in awe, as their presence on stage was unmistakably fantastic – I’ve even added both songs that were performed, including the song ‘Promise’ they submitted for the highly anticipated Liverpool hosted event.

The downtime was filled with background music until the main act was scheduled to perform, which gave Heather and I time to take photos of the surrounding village which was a superb construction erected by Liverpool City Council. I have now also learned that Eurovision brought half a million tourists to the city for the entirety of the event which is incredible for Liverpool and businesses in the area.

It was then finally time for Jake Shears to perform and his outfit SCREAMED Scissor Sisters fashion – a gold jumpsuit and I loved it! He told the audience the funny story of how a bird pooped on him whilst backstage getting ready which made everyone laugh (obviously)! We were thrilled to hear Scissor Sisters classics like Laura and Filthy Gorgeous alongside Jake’s new music thrown in (a performance conveniently timed for a new album to drop). 

I fully expected another 15 min set list but we were treated to a full hour of amazing tunes! We most definitely embraced the opportunity to dance and sing along plus taking the best photo I have possibly ever taken in my life! Quite proud of that one!

Heather and I had the most amazing time at Eurovision and I don’t think we will ever get a chance to attend such a worldwide known musical experience again!


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