Dave Holt

Dave Holt shows

What Is Your Show Called The 90’s at 9

What Day is your Show on? Monday to Friday

What Time is your show? 9:00am (Thursday’s through till 12pm)

Tell us a bit more about you!
Radio Mad, Very Creative, Love my music

How did you get involved with Arrowe Sound?
Was asked by the previous Chairman Mike if I wanted to get involved.

What do you get up to when you’re not on air?
Working, Hanging out with Family and Friends and a bit of Cooking!

What can we expect from your show?
My 90’s Show is funny enough 90’s music with a few 90’s memories and facts thrown in too.

After 10am on a Thursday I play music from today and also songs from many other decades.

Tell us something interesting we might not know about you
I have been on a number of TV Shows (in the audience) and have had my own show on BBC Radio 1

Current track