Second Hand Songs

About The SecondHandSongs Radio Show

SecondHandSongs is a weekly show all about cover versions. Each week we bring you an hours
worth of the best cover versions, from those which are hits in their own right to hidden gems, foreign
language covers, songs you didn’t realise were covers and more.

On each show we will be focusing in on one or two songs to bring you the story of the song (The
Cover Story), as well as creating a new “Cover Chain” each week, where we try to link different cover
versions together. Then we end each week with an Obscure Original of a song you probably didn’t
realise was a cover.

The show is produced in association with, the online database of cover

About The Presenter

Al “Bear” Galpin is a Podcaster & Radio Presenter. As well as
SecondHandSongs he’s also host of The Bear Cave Radio Show and cohost of the 3 Amigos podcast. He’s also the founder of SuperPod: The
Charity Podcast Festival.

Al got his radio start at Southampton Hospital Radio before studying
Radio Production at University, helping to set up a new student radio
station and presenting on local commercial radio in the North West of

Cover versions have long been a musical passion of Al’s, and he says
that getting to bring you his favourites and discover new covers through
this show is a real delight.

Outside of audio-stuff he’s a keen Southampton FC and Boston Red Sox fan, and Pointless finalist.
He’s keen on comics, country music and chocolate as well as burgers, bunnies and bourbon. And
apparently alliteration.

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